Gautam Narula is a writer and software engineer. He first became involved in the Troy Davis case in September of 2008, and was actively involved until Davis’s execution on September 21, 2011. He he has written a book on chess, worked with Amnesty International, and written for the Georgia Political Review. He has spoken about Troy Davis and the death penalty at the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Cornell University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among many other places. He is the author of The Novice Chess Player’s Manual (2006), its successor Chess for the Novice Player (2010), and Remain Free (2015).

Gautam has also developed mobile and web applications, was the former co-founder/CEO of a tech startup, and was formerly a top-ranked competitive chess player. For more information and his latest blog posts, visit or contact Gautam at

Image: Gautam Narula at Troy Davis’s grave on September 21, 2012, exactly one year after Davis was executed.