October 1, 2008

Hi Gautam,

I really enjoyed meeting you and your lovely mother. I look forward to seeing the two of you again this month as well as your sister Priya.

 Your poem was very touching and expresses what’s in your heart. Thank you so much. I’ve sent you 4 books to read that I’m sure will help you with your Spiritual journey.

 I hope you can learn more about God and mans’ purpose from them. Read this Bible scripture about Faith. St. Mark: Chapter 11 verse 22-24.

Surround yourself with positive people and never overlook the advice of your parents. Ask your mother did she ever receive the essay & poem I sent last week. When the 3 of you visit you’ll be able to have $20 in small bills and change for the snack machines. That’s $20 total between all 3 of you.

If you’ve waited more than 30 minutes and they haven’t brought me up front, go ask a guard to check on my status. They’ll sometimes lie and say we are on the phone or in the shower but I’ll be waiting at 9 AM until all of you get here. Stay strong and always believe in yourself.

God Bless You!

Mr. Troy A. Davis

                                                                                                            October 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Troy Davis,

When I came home from school yesterday, the first thing I did was ask my father if the U.S. Supreme Court had made a decision the case. When he said he didn’t know, I immediately raced to my computer and checked on the internet. When I saw the decision, my heart seemed to have frozen; something didn’t seem to be right—surely there must be some mistake. I went on to my email account, and to my horror my mother confirmed it in an email—the highest court in the land, the same court that had ruled on Brown vs. Board of Education, the same court that was to uphold justice in the first true democratic republic in the world, could not see that there was even the slightest chance that you were innocent, even the slightest chance that maybe Georgia was wrong.

I immediately sent a message to Sahil telling him the news. Even as I write this, I am still in shock. But don’t think that I have given up. I submitted a letter to the editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I signed Amnesty International’s new petition to the Georgia Board of Paroles; I have also told many of my friends, and two days ago I gave a speech on why the death penalty should be abolished (I have included it with this letter). I haven’t given up hope, because I know the truth—I know that you did not beat a homeless man, and you did not murder a police officer.

I have also been reading the books you sent me whenever I have the time. I do not know in what direction my spiritual journey will take me; whether it will lead to Christianity, like you, to Buddhism, like my namesake, Siddhartha Gautama, to Hinduism, like my ancestors, or perhaps to some other religion. In my world history class, we learned how the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great took the powerful city of Babylon without any bloodshed; I was amazed to find out that, according to the books that you gave me, the Bible predicted this event. I am still young and have much to learn, but the books you have sent me and the things you have told me will help me find the right path.

I just want you to remember not to despair, no matter how hopeless the situation is. You have empowered the minds of hundreds of thousands of people; you have changed me completely; less than two months ago, I was more or less unaware of the injustices in the world, of the travesties that exist within our very own country, of the struggles that every single Troy Davis around the world has to face. I am no longer content to sit and be ignorant of injustice, or apathetic, or to watch others fight it. I am longer content to be on the sidelines while there are lives to be saved and people to be helped. I am no longer content to be the person I used to be. I was not a bad person, but thanks to you, I am now a much better person. I know that you have impacted many others in the same way you have impacted me.

In spite of all that has happened, I still believe you will be saved. I don’t believe that God, fate, destiny, or whatever one wants to call it would put you so close to death multiple times just for it to all end here. Not all the doors are closed, and as long as there is a possibility, I am not afraid to believe. I will take that fishing trip that you promised me, Mr. Davis. I’ll just be watching though.

I remember that you told me that you were not afraid right before your execution because God had taken away all your fear, and He had lifted the burden off of you. Well, remember, should the unthinkable happen, the ones who did this to you will one day have to face the consequences of what they’ve done. The one was the real killer will one day have to come to terms with what he has done. He is the real prisoner. He will have to live with the fact that he has hurt a great many people. As you said, they can imprison your body, but not your spirit. Similarly, his body may be free, but his spirit will never be . . .


With love and sincerely yours,

Gautam R. Narula

We learned of the Supreme Court’s decision through an email from Martina.

                                                                                                                        October 19, 2008

From: Martina Correia

Subject: MARTINA: TROY DAVIS actions and info

To all,
This is Martina if something is mispelled in this email forgive me, I am exhausted but trying to answer all your emails and concerns. I saw Troy today and he says THANK YOU AND KEEP FIGHTING, WE WILL WIN, WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP. The moral of the other death row inmates and some of the guards is down, but as I told them a movement is building around Troy and we will not let go or give in……Martina PS I love all the ideas, On YouTube, October 20th will be I am Troy Davis Day, so upload videos, I am Troy Davis and why…….

It is amazing to me that after the US Supreme Court denied Troy Davis’ Cert Petion the Chatham County Prosecutor seems to feel free to attack and even lie about the facts in Troy’s case. For instance in the Savannah News paper Opinion section today (October19). District Attorney Spencer Lawton now says the deceased Officer MacPhail said he ran past Coles, chasing Troy because Troy was attacking Larry Young and that even though they have no linking bullistics to Troy that bullets found at another crime scene, match bullets found near MacPhail crime scene. Well yes they convicted Troy of two shootings(assault on Michael Cooper), murder of Officer MacPhail and assault on Larry Young who was attacked.



The truth: Micheal Cooper recanted saying Troy did not shoot him, he involved in a drive by shooting. Cooper testified at he Parole Board that Troy Davis did not shoot him. Also involved inthe drive by shooting Micheal Cooper’s friend Joseph Blige testified before the Ga Parole Board that they did not know Troy Davis and that he and his friends were involved in the drive-by shootings earlier that night, with several guns. Micheal Cooper also told the members of the Ga. Parole Board they emptied their gun shells near where Officer MacPhail was shot. They lived in the same housing projects as Sylvester Red Coles and they all kept their guns in a abandoned house. This would explain why similar bullets would be found at first shooting and near the area Officer MacPhail was shot, NOT one of these people say Troy was involved until police pressured them to say Troy was involved to support Sylvester Coles story. Joseph Blige told the Parole board that the police rounded up dozens of young black boys and tried to get many of them to say they shot the police officer before Coles showed up at the Police station.

Now the Attack on Larry Young the homeless man who was being pistol whipped: Young said I never saw Troy Davis in parrking lot and that he knew he was arguing with Coles over the beer. Well this was his testimony before the Parole Board and on CBS Wolrd News tonight. So it is amazing that Larry Young testified against Troy because he was refused medical treatment for his wounds to his head.
This is amazing that Spencer Lawton the DA would say in the Savannah News Press that this is merely a anti-death penalty movement, not about the case, to say that Troy’s lawyers probably paid for the recantations and that the statements from the witnesses are not important. He never mentions the 9 additional witnesses who say it is not Troy, but Coles. He never mentions that 5 of the jurors said the outcome would have been different for them if they had all this information. He necer said anything about any Bloody Clothes that is being claimed by certain members of the MacPhail family and the Fraternal Order of Police to distort the truth about this case.
The truth is Spencer Lawton the District Attorney of Chatham County has 4 exonerations under his tenure, he has been sited for prosecutorial misconduct throughout his career and has never been challenged. he has been DA for 28 years and is trying to save his pension. he needs to be attacked at every front and we need to demand the US Attorney investigate his practices. I would send letters to the US attorney and cc Lawton so he will know, he will be exposed.
Of course our goal is to save Troy right now but I want Lawton and davis Locke the Chief Asst. DA that said in a open forum, that Amnesty International was responsible for the recantations being in the media and that Amnesty has totally misrepresented this case. We need them to know Amnesty International is one of many organizations that are going to expose this unjust system and NO matter what happens on the 27th, we will dismantle the death penalty system in Ga and the US.


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