November 14, 2008

Dear Gautam,

            Thank you for your letter. Actually it wasn’t all that hard to read once I was able to identify with your handwriting. I’m gonna answer a few of your questions for you.

            You won’t agree with a lot of things you are taught when dealing with religion because man is teaching you. There’s only one true creator of all things created. When Jesus sent disciples throughout the earth to Preach God’s word they were Blessed to speak in tongues (speak a language they’ve never been taught with instant understanding).

            Because of cultural and language differences, some of God’s words changed throughout time. You are seeking the Grand Creator and as long as you study the Bible, meditate on God’s word and try to apply it to your life, God will open up your mind to understanding. Don’t rush yourself just pick a subject you want to learn relating to God and learn all you can before moving forward.

            Politics, the reason Jesus stated in the Bible to his disciples “you are no longer of this world” is because when you agree to live your life for God you have to put all God’s laws before man. When man ‘s laws contradict with God’s, always follow God’s laws. “Store your treasures in heaven” means simply seek God like treasures of eternal life filled with Blessings.

            Yes, you wouldn’t be able to support me but if I obeyed all of God’s commandments and lived a Spiritually guided life I wouldn’t be here in need of support.

            My point is this, a person of God who indulges in politics and adopts the worldly way of life becomes blinded by money, power, greed, selfishness, etc. They judge wrong and hide behind Man’s laws even when they’re wrong. That’s not Godly at all. How many politicians, judges, District Attorneys, Presidents etc. represented God in their office of elected officials? NONE because they were all liars, thieves and hid behind laws and became murderers because they sought world acceptance and power instead of Spiritual. In most ways they were serving two Gods at once. Satan and his demons run man’s corrupt Government and God allows this so that we as humans can realize we can’t truly govern ourselves and without God in our lives we’ll continue to destroy ourselves and everything around us.

            Our suffering is allowed so we can turn to seeking help and learn that only righteous help comes from God. If he solves every problem for every human then we’ll sin even more because we know it’ll automatically be erased.

            Seeking God teaches us patience, humbleness and we have to earn His Protection through our actions. Everyone seeking God with a pure heart will receive everlasting life as the meek and Righteous inherit the earth.

            Some religious leaders get caught up in thinking they know everything but end up speaking falsely because they’ve put themselves before God and they will be Judged for every Soul they mislead.

            Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t speak out and support me but I’m not serving them, I’m serving God. They just helped me get a better understanding of God in my search for the truth.

            As for Priya, I see exactly what’s going on but you’re her big brother so try to help her as much as you can. Sit at the kitchen table and do your homework together.

            She’s very headstrong so she’s going to push back but allow your love for her to keep you strong Gautam. I’ll talk to her because she’s fighting to identify with who she is and won’t let anyone help her make any decisions.

            Don’t give up on her because I’ll talk to her. I’ve been through what she’s facing so I see it clearly. I hope you like the poem I wrote for the two of you.

Love always!

Your Uncle Troy D.

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