January 7, 2009

Dear Gautam,

            Hi nephew and how’s life been treating you lately? I pray that you, family and friends are all doing well and in the best of health as well as spirits.

            Things on this side of the fence are the same. I’ve been battling a cold off and on for 2 weeks now but this is the worst I’ve felt. Constant sneezing and runny nose.

            Where’s my mother when I really need her care huh? Women are so strong because even a little cold brings a man down. =P

            Thanks for your letter. It really made me think so I reread it this morning. You spend a lot of your time thinking and trying to solve even the smallest problems that we humans refuse to focus on.

            In life we all want to be treated fairly and not pre-judged but when it comes to crime everyone points the finger at the defendant as if he/he is already guilty no matter what.

            It’s the shallow minds that refuse to hear the end of the story or even question the possibility that the defendant is guilty. People should just think more like yourself because there’s always a  hidden truth that’s left out.

            Look at religion! Every religion claims they are the “ONE TRUE Religion” but how can that be? I believe there’s only ONE “Sovereign Ruler” and that’s our creator no matter what title we give Him/Her.

            But mankind refuses to be wrong so they resort to ignorant arguing and fighting which eventually leads to war.

            In the Bible one of the Key Commandments reads “thou shalt not kill”. Read Exodus 20: verse 13 in your Bible. However, look how many cultures support war. Religious wars were going on even before Jesus walked the earth. God fought many wars for His chosen people who followed. His laws/commandments. He also led mentally groups of people to war so that His will would be done for Him on Earth through others. However as a Christian once Jesus was put to death on the torture stake we who became Christians were supposed to follow all God’s laws and commandments because Jesus did not come to change the laws but fulfill them.

            However, should any person, religious or not speak against WAR in America, you are unpatriotic. Churches are supposed to remain separated from Political Events/Governments. It’s the churches that push and support wars more than non-believers.

            They are serving two Gods while claiming only one. How can you teach kids not to lie, cheat or steal or even kill, when you support war as a religious person, support the death penalty and agree that it’s okay to kill a few innocent for the sanctity of the  “Justice System”?

            So Gautam keep thinking, keep asking questions because you have mentally mastered life more than hundreds of millions of adults in such a short time. You’re right, it doesn’t matter if you receive a 95 on your precalculus or not. What matters is that you never stop learning. Give 110% to everything you do and never allow yourself to be mislead. Become a leader.

            The letter your mom showed you someone wrote about support me but also said I’ll become a martyr illustrates my point about people. They want to play both sides of the fence so they’ll never be wrong but because of ignorance they’ll always be led and never leaders like yourself. People are already listening to you.

            As for me they needed a cause and I believe at the right time God drew these people to me so that they won’t witness my freedom but witness “His Power” to have the final say when the most influential System man has spoken.

            Through my Situation all who are watching will witness “God’s” presence in my life and it is only because I put faith in Him that I’m still alive and only through God’s will that I’ll walk free. Man said, so what, yeah he might be innocent but we’ll have to change our system if we don’t kill him so let him die.” God simply stepped in and said, “NO” watch me set him free.

            Whatever greater power you believe in Gautam, give it your all and let it/him/her guide you. The real God will search your heart and come to you. Whatever roadblocks you face in life won’t stop you, they’ll just slow you down long enough to strengthen you so that you can overcome them for good.

            I’m very proud of you as well as Priya even though she and I need to talk about certain bad decisions she’s made lately relating to school & life. Give her and your parents a hug for me and my love. Tell Sahil I said hello and I miss hearing from him.

God Bless you!

Uncle Troy D.

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